Commercial Waste Removal & Office Rubbish Removal

If your office or business premises got loads of rubbish, it might be time to call a specialised company that can help in commercial removals & cleaning such as Rubbish Removals Australia. We have helped several companies in getting rid of their office junk and business commercial rubbish removal that has been piling up for weeks and improve cleanliness of their premises.

Commercial rubbish removal for business

What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is a type of waste that is commonly produced by businesses and trades in offices, retail stores, shops, restaurants, stores or even schools. This can include office furniture, cabinets, desks, storage, appliances and office supplies.

Typically, commercial spaces or businesses produce more waste than a regular household, therefore it is not a task that should be taken lightly. It is a very time-consuming process than to remove waste or junk from an office, retail store or warehouse and businesses will often require help of another company that specialises in commercial waste removal.

Offices, retail stores, restaurants, schools and universities generate a lot of waste as their productivity increases. However, at some point someone will have to deal with the rubbish produced and businesses will have to allocate more resources for this tedious task, as having routine cleaners and dumpsters outside is often not enough.

Businesses typically pay large amounts to have dumpsters and bins on site that don’t often get filled. Regardless of how much they are used, businesses pay the same significant amount of money. For these reasons, getting help from a rubbish removal collection company allow to get rid of rubbish on a just on time basis, only when you need it. Our clients have reported saving heaps on their regular business commercial rubbish removal costs.

Junk that we typically remove from offices

Office Junk

Businesses must keep their spaces tidy and clean to maintain productivity to a high level. As a result, old or defective office equipment and resources often have to be replaced with new ones and require business commercial rubbish removal. For example, this include:

  • Papers
  • Cardboard
  • Stationery
  • Boxes

Office furniture

Old office furniture such as chairs and desks often have to be discarded in bulk quantities. As a result, it is more efficient for businesses to call a specialised service that can help with commercial cleaning & removal. Our team at Rubbish Removal Australia can help in office waste and stock removal from your business premises. We have seen it all and serviced clients across the nation and can offer comprehensive and prompt services wherever you are located

Electric & Electronic Devices

As the field of high tech is rapidly changing, businesses need to replace their old or defective equipment more often than ever. Old computers, old displays & monitors, old peripherals and just broken smart devices end up in waste. As they sometimes can be difficult to remove, our experienced junk removal team are happy to help, no matter how big the work is. We will also be able to assist with recycling e-waste as per city regulations.

Cabinets, Kitchen appliances

Old kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves or coffee machines have to be disposed of properly according to local regulations and our rubbish removal team will be happy to help. As for kitchen appliances, cabinets are also particularly heavy and cumbersome to remove from offices and retail stores and you might want to rely on someone who can handle the job properly. At Rubbish Removal Australia, our team has seen it all and will be able to assist in discarding, dismantling or recycling of kitchen appliances and cabinets in an environment-friendly, cost-effective way


Offices typically also have old carpets or flooring they need to change, but the process of removal for glued or stapled carpets can be very time consuming. Let Rubbish Removals Australia handle the difficult job for you in a cost-effective manner.

Places we collect rubbish from

We Will Load Any Junk

Home rubbish removal
old white goods removal service

Why Rubbish Removals Australia

Best Value in Australia

You would be surprised to see the rates we offer for professional rubbish removals, and that regardless of your location. Comprehensive price structure backed by quality service and professional advice

Any Type of Rubbish

We can get rid of any type of rubbish you can think of. From office furniture rubbish to large sized appliance, garden waste, biohazard removals and cleaning up hoarder houses filled with clutter

Australia-wide Coverage

We service all suburbs in all metro and regional areas and get members of our team to your location in a matter of time. Our network allows us to reach you no matter where you are in Australia

Simplest process

For business commercial rubbish removal, we have a very simple process. Just book online and our technicians will be able to recognise and deal with any type of waste, garbage, junk or rubbish. All you need is to book an appointment online or get an initial quote

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Removal Removals Australia is a fast, cheap and effective Rubbish, Junk and Waste Removal and Clean-up company based in Australia that can take care of any type of junk in a matter of time. Rubbish, junk and waste removal services that are down to earth and will not hurt your wallet. Our network of specialists for all kinds of rubbish including hazardous extends to all states in Australia, in all metro and regional areas. We operate in Victoria – VIC, New South Wales – NSW, Queensland – QLD, South Australia – SA, Western Australia – WA, Northern Territory – NT, Australian Capital Territory – Canberra and Tasmania – TAS. Our professional and friendly team pride themselves on exceptional customer service and knowledge in all areas of safe and effective waste removal, junk and rubbish waste management.

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