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The loss of a loved one is a traumatic and overwhelming moment in anyone’s life, and extra pressure can be put on the family or the people involved when it comes to clearing up the deceased relatives’ home, place of business or other property left behind. Rubbish Removals Australia can help you go through the process and ease the burden off your shoulders with deceased estate rubbish removals.

Let deceased estate old furniture removal handled by our dedicated team of professionals. Our team will take care of handling the heavy lifting in decease estate cleaning, including general rubbish, furniture, appliances, clothing, mattresses and white goods. We can work with the persons involved in the deceased estate to arrange donating unwanted items to charity.

Get a Professional Deceased Estate Rubbish Clean out Service

Our team at Rubbish Removals Australia understand the sensitivity and discretion needed to work with the families or people involved with the house of the deceased. Our Deceased Estate Clean Up technicians are reliable and more than anything, we understand the importance of caring and professionalism. Whether you are in need of getting rid of all contents left or just one. We will take into consideration any items that are for disposal and those that should be left untouched .From appliances, furniture, debris, rubbish, hoarding & clutter clean up, you can rest assure that all it takes is one call to clear it all. Deceased Estate cleaning can both be emotional and overwhelming. Our team of professionals are caring and have been trained to handle any situation in a compassionate manner.

Why you might need biological technicians for deceased estate cleaning

Rubbish Removals Australia partners with a network of specialists and is able to get forensic biological cleaners to handle the job as bodily fluids can contaminate certain parts of a house, putting present and future occupants at risk to biohazards. Our trained and experienced team can be dispatched quickly and handle all facts of biohazard remediation and hazmat handling.

“Biohazard” refers to any biological materials including microorganisms, plants, animals, or their by-products that pose a threat to the health. Body tissue and bodily fluids are considered a biohazard contamination requiring clean up. When a body begins to decompose within its interior, the surrounding building materials become contaminated with a variety of toxic agents. Bloodstains on the carpet typically soak through the carpet and seep into the flooring beneath. Effective and comprehensive biohazard clean ups not only removes the biological threat from the carpet, but also from its supporting under structure including carpet underlay, concrete, subflooring and floorboards, where possible. Regular cleaners and rubbish removal companies are often not trained and experienced enough to handle this type of work properly and decontaminate surfaces, but we partner with forensic cleaners who can help. Call us today and we will be able to help you.

Old Deceased Estate House Rubbish Cleanups

What is involved in deceased estate clean-ups?

Deceased Estate Cleaning can vary greatly depending on family needs and circumstances. That is why we have our initial meeting to discuss several options that will work for your particular needs.

  1. We discuss your needs and timeline
  2. We will create an action plan
  3. Sort out items that will go to either donations, sale or discarded
  4. We will assess if you require additional cleaning help in deceased estate clean-up such as mould removal, water damage clean-up, biohazard remediation, odour remediation, general cleaning, etc
  5. Decide how to handle items that will not be sold during an estate sale, you might want them boxed and moved to storage or set aside to go over these items with other family members.

Why Choose Rubbish Removals Australia for Deceased Estate Clean-up?

Our process is very simple through our online booking system. If you have further inquiries, our team is available to chat 24/7. At Rubbish Removals Australia we can help you with any situation you go through, our team is experienced and has been clearing up unimaginable types and sizes of rubbish and can provide a solution tailored to your needs. More than the process of cleaning up, we know how to treat unattended estate and prepare it for sale, lease or rent.

Best Value in Australia

We offer the cheapest rates in Australia and a comprehensive price structure with scope of works. If you want to know more about our services, contact us for a free quote

Any Type of Rubbish

No matter big or small. From office furniture rubbish to large sized appliance, garden waste, deceased houses with biohazard removals and cleaning up hoarder houses filled with clutter

Australia-wide Coverage

We service all suburbs in all metro and regional areas and get members of our team to your location in a matter of time

Easy process

Our booking process is the simplest you can find; either book an appointment online and our team will be on site in a matter of time

Rubbish Removals Australia is a fast, cheap and effective Rubbish, Junk and Waste Removal and Clean-up company based in Australia that can help dealing with deceased estate cleaning of rubbish. Rubbish, junk and waste removal services that are down to earth and will not hurt your wallet. Our network of specialists and operators extends to all states in Australia, in all metro and regional areas. We operate in all areas: Search for the best service depending on your need: Deceased Estate Cleanup Melbourne – VIC, New South Wales – NSW, Queensland – QLD, South Australia – SA, Western Australia – WA, Northern Territory – NT, Australian Capital Territory – Canberra and Tasmania – TAS. Our professional and friendly team pride themselves on exceptional customer service and knowledge in all areas of safe and effective waste removal, junk and rubbish waste management.

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