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Are you asking friends and family to help cleaning out a place and move a heavy fridge or piece of furniture?  Are you trying to clear up space in you garage or backyard? Are you trying to get more space for storage in your home or office? From old couches, to broken fridges or dishwashers or any type of household waste or junk, our friendly team is ready to help anytime, anywhere. We have been there, and we understand the process can be cumbersome, time consuming and sometimes can lead to broken backs or injury.

Look no further than Rubbish Removals Australia to take care of any rubbish, waste, junk or garbage lying around your house, office or business premises. We offer same day rubbish removals services for any city, across all states in every metro and regional areas in Australia. Having extensive experience in removing decluttering homes for any situation including normal household rubbish to office cleaning to decluttering hoarder houses, we will make the disposing of any old and unwanted items straightforward and easy today.

Removal Removals Australia is a fast, cheap and effective all-round Rubbish, Junk and Waste Residential Rubbish Removal and Clean-ups company based in Australia. Rubbish, junk and waste removal services that are down to earth and will not hurt your wallet. Our network of specialists and operators extends to all states in Australia, in all metro and regional areas. We operate in Victoria – VIC, New South Wales – NSW, Queensland – QLD, South Australia – SA, Western Australia – WA, Northern Territory – NT, Australian Capital Territory – Canberra and Tasmania – TAS. Our professional and friendly team pride themselves on exceptional customer service and knowledge in all areas of safe and effective waste removal, junk and rubbish waste management.

Hard Rubbish Pickup Service for Homes and Residential sites across Australia

Are you replacing an old malfunctioning fridge or just getting a newer and bigger one? Are you having difficulty to move that heavy mattress or bed out of the bedroom? Are you trying to get more storage space in your garage? Sometimes you can get stuck figuring out how to do such tasks, and no one wants to spend a bright and sunny weekend afternoon removing rubbish from their home.

Whether you are moving out, renovating your home, clearing up debris from disasters or just cleaning up your home, we have the right team and the right experience for you. Let Rubbish Removals Australia do the hard work for you with a simple booking, we will dispose of rubbish from residential properties, whether it is heavy furniture, appliance, green and garden waste or anything you don’t want to deal yourself. We are a same day rubbish removal company offering services in rubbish pick up, skip bin & bags hire, hard rubbish pickup, garbage dump, hard waste removal and more.

Home rubbish removal

What is Household rubbish removal?

Household rubbish removal services is best specialised service to rely on for all kinds of disposal, recycling, removal or clearing up old or broken stuff from homes.

These include:

  • Construction rubbish such as debris, bricks, cement or rocks
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Assorted waste like clothing
  • Biodegradable waste like kitchen waste
  • Recyclable waste like paper, cardboard board, cans
  • Hazardous waste like fertilizers, batteries, paints, etc

We are a private rubbish collection company that take a more personal approach to ensure every item is discard or recycled properly as we partner with garbage processing services. We are not a simple kerbside garbage collection service.

What is our rubbish removal process like?

The junk removal

Start by simply booking an appointment with our team at your preferred time and date and our team will come pick up anything you would like to get rid of from your home or apartment. We come to load up items in our truck – you don’t need to carry items – we do! Our team will even help with detaching carpets, drawers and cabinets and do all the hard work for you!

Cleaning up work

After the removal process is done, we also help cleaning up and tidying up areas to ensure the work is completed at 100%.  Cleaning and tidying up is important as it will ensure you and your family is left in a safe and biohazard-free (such as glass, nails or any sharps) environment.

Environmentally responsible disposing and recycling

Regulations vary greatly from different types of rubbish, but you can rest assured that our team will be in touch with the right garbage processing services for proper disposal or recycling

We Will Solve your Rubbish Problem Today!

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Rubbish Collection services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our team has 10+ years of experience and can recognise and handle all types of waste, rubbish or junk in residential rubbish removal so we can get rid of waste effectively.

Household waste rubbish

We take of general household waste, old furniture, wardrobes, bookcases, biodegradable waste and more

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Business and Commercial waste

Office strip outs, shelving, office chairs and desks, computers, notebooks and laptops, printers and scanners, peripherals, warehouse clean ups, small demolitions and any other business or office waste

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White goods Clearances & Appliances

White goods include old fridges & old refrigerators, freezers, washing machines & dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, kitchen strip outs and more

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Demolition construction work site rubbish removal

Renovation and work site building debris

Builders rubble, timber fencing removals, old kitchen and bathroom waste, carpet, metal, window frames, glass, bricks and more

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Home rubbish removal

Backyard, green waste and garden waste

Garage clear-outs, garage junk, old furniture, car parts, garden and green waste removal, ground ivy and more

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Other cleaning up work

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Why Choose Rubbish Removal Australia – Nationwide Leader in Rubbish Pickup and Disposal

Best Value in Australia

We offer one of the cheapest services in Australia, wherever you are located, in every metro and regional areas. We offer comprehensive clean-outs and fair price whatever situation you are in

Any Type of Rubbish

We can get rid of any type of rubbish you can think of. From simple household rubbish to large sized furniture, green waste and biohazard removal in hoarder houses filled with heavy clutter and biological contaminants

Australia-wide Coverage

We have an extensive network and operators ready to help you get rid of the junk from your home or business in all suburbs across Australia. We service all suburbs in all metro and regional areas and get members of our team to your location in a matter of time

Straightforward, Simple process

We can solve your residential rubbish removal problem as soon as today so you can move on through your most important matters. Simply call us or book online and we will know how to handle matters ASAP, we will take care of the rest!

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