Bed and Mattress Pickups

Old bed and mattress removal service

Moving and getting rid of a mattress or a bed can be a hard task to do. Not mattresses only they are large, heavy and difficult to carry, they can’t also be thrown in the garbage bin with the other household junk.

Removing and disposing of a mattress or bed can take a lot of time and effort and might not be something you want to spend a weekend afternoon on. Fortunately, on certain conditions, you can get a free mattress pickup as soon as today.

Old Mattress Disposal, Bed Removal

Rubbish Removals Australia offer rubbish removal services Australia wide and can offer same day rubbish disposal services. We offer old mattress removal services and old bed removal and disposals. We will assess if the mattress or bed can be donated or not, otherwise we will ensure the bed is disposed of or recycled the best way possible.

How to get rid or recycle an old mattress?

Some places and programs will help with mattress recycling, which include charity organisations, homeless shelters, mattress recycling facilities, council hard rubbish collection.

It can be a hassle to find the right service for your need. If that is you, simply call RUBBISH REMOVALS AUSTRALIA so our operators will come and assess whether the mattress or bed can be recycled, donated or disposed of.

Types of mattresses removals we do

  • Old cushions

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Gel & Pillow Top Mattresses

  • Water and Air Beds

  • Platform Beds

  • Box Springs

  • Inner-Spring Mattresses

  • Latex Mattresses

  • Adjustable Base Mattresses

Call in for free mattress pickup at your location