Carpet Removal

Carpet floor removal & recycling services

Residential carpets are arranged in different ways. Most of the time, the carpet sits on top of an underlay which sits on a base layer called “subfloor”. The carpet can be glued or nailed down on top of the underlay which can be tedious to remove on your own. Either case, the team at Rubbish Removals Australia can help with rubbish involving the removal of carpet, either because you are remodelling, replacing an old carpet with a new one or putting hardwood or tile instead. We have done it all and can assist you promptly in carpet removal & recycling. All you need to do is to call us, make a booking and we will get the job done in a matter of time.

Let Rubbish Removals Australia take care of removing an old carpet

We know you are busy and have better things to do than use up a nice weekend afternoon pulling up heavy carpets and hundreds of staples by yourself. Rubbish Removals Australia can assist in removing all types of residential carpets, removing staples and glued carpet removals. It doesn’t matter the type of carpet or flooring, and how big the job is; we will take care of the tedious work in carpet removal and disposal for you for fast and cheap.

Types of carpets we pick up

  • Wool Carpeting

  • Floor Covering

  • Old Carpeting

  • Nylon or Polyester Carpets

  • Loop pile and cut pile

  • Olefin Carpet

  • Acrylic

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