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The average Australian produces more than 2 tonnes of waste every year, and it is a number that has been increasing even more recently.

Everyone deals with rubbish removal at some point, whether it is typical household trash that you leave on the kerbside for weekly local council rubbish pick up or large, heavy rubbish that require specialised rubbish removal service such as Rubbish Removals Australia. If you have ever wondered where your rubbish ends up in Australia, keep reading this article as you might get takeaways on how to reduce your rubbish and carbon footprint. In general, depending on your type of rubbish, it can be treated 3 different ways:

1. Dumped in Landingfill

The general household waste that you put in the red lidded bin in Australia is collected weekly and is sent to a licensed landfill & waste management centre. Landfill are just dumping sites where your waste will stay permanently, they are designed to store waste and not break it down. When the landfill is full, it is covered and another one is created. Eventually, rubbish will decompose in a landfill but the process is slow, especially for some materials such as plastics. The process of degradation is a cause of concern at it results in the emission of greenhouse gases.

With this in mind, you might think twice before producing unnecessary amounts of rubbish that will stay permanently in the environment and instead start considering options in recycling or reusing. The NSW EPA provides a great classification to help you identify types of waste on their website. Sometimes, it gets very complex to know how to treat every single piece of rubbish, so you might want to get help from a specialist in rubbish removals such as us. For any concerns or questions, you get reach us anytime, 24/7.

2. Trash incinerators

Trash incinerators or incineration plants are large industrial furnaces designed to burn solid waste, reducing any amount of rubbish to ash. This process reduces the original volume of waste by about 95% which significantly reduce the amount of space needed for landfill. In certain countries, you can see people burning their trash in their backyard, but this process is disastrous for the environment and hence prohibited in Australia. If you want to look for alternative solutions, you might want to contact us.

3. Recycled

In Australia, materials such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, rigid plastic containers, aluminum cans and empty aerosols are suitable for the yellow lidded bin. Recycling helps avoiding large quantities of rubbish ending up in landfill that could otherwise be reused for more useful purposes and it is the most environmentally friendly method. They are delivered to Waste Management Centres and Recovery Facilities in your area. Materials that can be recycled go to different companies depending on the type:

If you have not access to rubbish removal recycling services, we advise to contact us.

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